Why plant-based?

Chris -  Last year chef and co-founder, Chris, found himself in physical trouble.  Feeling almost completely sapped of life energy for months, and experiencing symptoms that looked a lot like the autoimmune disease his father had fought for decades, it was time for radical changes.  He decided to try a whole foods plant-based diet, and within 2 weeks all major symptoms and loss of energy had disappeared. Excess weight started dropping rapidly without any sense of hunger or deprivation, and he felt better than he had in years.  

The other result of this new dietary foray was the creativity that comes whenever limitations are set or boundaries are drawn around culinary norms.  There are endless combinations of taste, texture, and color in the plant kingdom. Far from boring, it is the largest of all food categories in scope and variety.  The people at Papas take pride in the quality and integrity of their product.


(Omnivore) Co-founder with a background in marketing and sales startups was invited over for dinner at his friends house after hours of calling himself a sommelier of spuds. Thinking nothing out of the ordinary he decided to take his friend up on the offer. The items served at dinner can only be described as the most delicous bake potato ever tasted. Ever bite full of fix-ins. Each forkful better than the one before. Patrick already knew that this meal alone could be a destination. Much to his initial surprise and then extreme delight Patrick found out that every item from the NM chili, queso vegano, cashew sour cream, and savory coconut chips were in fact 100% plant-based. (vegan) No animal products and still mind-bendingly tasty.

Not wanting to keep the dream to themselves Papas Hot Potatoes was born.