Papas Hot Potatoes

Located in Seattle’s Ballard Neighborhood, Papas Hot Potatoes is America’s first 100% plant-based Baked Potato restaurant!

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We start with respect, and embrace the time-honored tradition of the baked potato. We then take that tradition from good to great with plant-based chilies, queso vegano, vegan cashew cream, pickled jalapeños carrots and beets, and other sauces made from scratch. We recommend you try out our Coconut Bacon chips! Papas utilizes local produce whenever possible.. We serve large organic russet potatoes!.

Feeling more like a sweet potato or a salad? We do that too. All of our fixins taste excellent with the base you choose. … but wait there’s more. We serve frozen banana and house-made almond milk shakes, in both chocolate and horchata flavors.

.Papas is made of whole plant foods, making its entrees and shakes high in dietary fiber and nutrients, low in refined oils and excess salt, and free of refined sugars and highly processed ingredients. All flavor, no guilt. Eat with confidence

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